software for bitcoin mining

Types of software for bitcoin mining

If you want to earn bitcoin by mining then you will need bitcoin mining software. There are numerous types of the mining software in the market, some of them are listed below:

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  1. CG Miner: it is a commonly used mining software by bitcoin miners recently. It has things like multi-GPU support, capabilities for remote interface, fan speed control, new blocks are self-detected, and support for CPU mining.
  2. BTC Miner: this software is based on a platform that is open source. It has support for FPGA boards and a USD interface which can be used for communication and programming. There are features such as choosing the frequency which has a high rate of valid hashes. It does not need a license too.
  3. Easy miner: this software is available for Android, Linux as well as Windows system. The GUI works well with the CG miner software. The software is highly preferred because of the easy visualizations that it creates using graphs of the user’s mining adventures.
  4. MultiMiner: this is a software with a visual interface for BFG Miner. The interface layout is quite intuitive and works well for the newbies of the bitcoin mining industry as it’s control panel is easy to understand.
  5. Bitminer: this is an old software present in the market since 2011. It has more than 450,000 users that are registered. It is compatible with CPU and GPU mining rigs that are cheap for setting up as compared to ASIC miners. The software is quite flexible.
  6. RPC miner: this system is compatible with Mac and works amazingly with the Mac OS and is a great option for those who are not much comfortable with windows and prefer to use Mac.

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